• My "perfect" mac dev environment

    Do you know when we get a new toy and treat it like the most precious think on earth? Oh God don’t let my wife read this! So… I’ve got a new mac and I will setup the perfect dev environment, at least for ... Read more

  • Migrating every Javascript to Typescript code


    A really talented coworker of mine tried to convince me to use CoffeeScript some time ago, but with no success, even showing me the amazing work he... Read more

  • The incredible conciseness of Swift

    This post shows how little code is needed to write a closure declaration and call in the new Apple’s Swift compared to the old Objective-C

    Swift Logo... Read more

  • First impressions about the AWS Elastic Beanstalk

    This is my first experience configuring an web application environment on AWS from acquisition to deployment. As I’ll probably make many mistakes, I decided to write this post as a ship’s log, in order to... Read more

  • I'm alive!

    This is my first post here. I’m really impressed about what Jekyll can do for this kind of website. More posts will be there soon…

    Read more

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