My new side project - Optigrid

Since I was a kid, my mom has been working in the Optical industry, and when I was about 10 years old she opened her own small business. I’ve always heard her complaining about the market, the difficulties of being the owner and so on. I promised myself that I would do something else for a living and I fell in love with computer programming very early in my life. However, I learned a lot by osmosis 😂. And recent I decided to help my parents and my brother (Yes, my brother when on the same track) by building a tool to allow them to sell prescription eyeglasses remotely. And maybe serve someone else with the same use case

So I created Optigrid

The tool is used to measure PD (pupillary distance), Dual PD and Segment Height.

It took to long to release, because every time I found a new cool thing to integrate there.

Here is the stack:

  • Next.JS
  • Postgres (Vercel)
  • Firebase (Only auth)
  • pnpm (Monorepo is great)
  • Sentry (I used to use Rollbar, but decided to try something else)

The app is currently free, but I plan to add a paywall soon. Link directly to the app